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Our Mission

To empower and inspire people to thrive with innovative, personalized healthcare.

Our Purpose: Empowering Women

At sanoLiving, our purpose is a powerful commitment: to free people from the grip and societal taboo surrounding menopause symptoms.

Through our flagship product, sanoMidLife, we champion awareness, support, and barrier-free access to safe and effective treatments, and empower all to seize control of their lives, be it in their professional pursuits or personal aspirations.

Our unwavering dedication to personalized equitable care propels us forward, ensuring that every individual, without exception, can thrive during midlife and beyond, unleashing their full potential and vitality.

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Angela & Bogdan’s Journey to sanoMidLife

Angela’s journey into early menopause at 36 was a turning point. A vibrant and independent woman, she found her life severely disrupted by intense night sweats, requiring an intricate nightly routine with towels, and irregular periods that threw her life off balance. These challenges were magnified in her professional sphere, where she struggled to maintain her usual standards. Unfortunately, Angela’s experience reflects a broader issue, as she became one of the 1 in 10 women who are compelled to leave the workforce due to the severity of menopausal symptoms. This departure marked a significant turning point, highlighting the profound impact of menopause on women’s professional lives.

Amidst these struggles, Bogdan became a beacon of support. Determined to help his wife, he immersed himself in learning about menopause, from understanding female hormones to exploring wellness and hormonal therapy options. His dedication to understanding and supporting Angela was instrumental in her journey to regain control over her life.

This shared experience of battling menopause’s impact on personal and professional fronts led Angela and Bogdan to establish sanoMidLife, the first product offering from parent company sanoLiving. Their vision was to create a sanctuary where women could receive not only medical care, but also the understanding and support they need during menopause. sanoMidLife, stands as a testament to their journey, embodying their commitment to ensuring no woman or family faces menopause alone. Angela’s resilience in overcoming professional and personal hurdles, together with Bogdan’s empathetic support, form the cornerstone of sanoMidLife, dedication to empowering and providing comprehensive care for women navigating this critical phase of life.

Our Company Values

Collaborative Change Creators

Achieving excellence is a team effort. We believe in embracing collaboration, valuing each member’s contribution, and accomplishing greatness together.

We solve problems by being open, encouraging ideas, taking initiative, and acting promptly. Don’t hesitate— your efforts shape the outcomes.

Trail Blazers

Encourage self-improvement on all fronts—be it professional, personal, or physical.

Recognize that passion goes beyond mere actions; it encompasses the drive to innovate, make a positive impact, help others, and leave a lasting legacy.

This commitment means going the extra mile to ensure the success of our clients and patients.

Celebrate Uniqueness

Embrace your unique talents, practice active listening, and avoid drama or gossip.

Address concerns directly, fostering a close-knit family-like environment.

Meaningful Mantra

Grow personally and professionally by assuming positive intent in feedback received and providing empathetic feedback to others.

Horizontal Structure

Decisions are guided by expertise rather than titles.

Our horizontal structure encourages open communication and collaboration, while maintaining roles and responsibilities for efficiency and clarity.

Merriment Makers

We celebrate milestones and successes, both big and small. From birthdays and client wins to personal achievements and patient success stories.

Every accomplishment contributes to our vibrant, supportive culture.

Our Team

Angela, CEO and Co-Founder of sanoLiving, brings a unique blend of expertise from her 23 years at IBM and her impactful tenure as the founder of Medical Confidence. Her leadership, honed, in both corporate and entrepreneurial settings, has equipped her with a deep understanding of business strategy, operations, and technology-driven innovation. This blend of high-level corporate experience and startup agility has provided her with invaluable insights, particularly in leveraging technology to address complex challenges.

Her personal health journey, notably with menopause, adds a deeply empathetic dimension to her leadership, enhancing her commitment to healthcare improvement. At Medical Confidence, Angela notably reduced patient wait times across Canada and cultivated significant relationships within the insurance and employer sectors, gaining unique insights critical to sanoLiving’s success.

Leading sanoLiving, Angela capitalizes on her diverse experience in healthcare, technology, and business. She combines advanced AI, with expert insights to offer tailored care for women in menopause. Her comprehensive skill set, from strategic vision at IBM, to her hands-on experience in healthcare entrepreneurship, makes her a dynamic leader. Angela’s approach not only propels sanoLiving’s business growth, but also ensures a profound impact in women’s healthcare, solidifying stakeholder confidence in her leadership and sanoLiving’s mission.

Bogdan, the CTO and Co-Founder of sanoLiving Inc., is a driving force in applying fourth industrial revolution technologies in business. His 32-year tenure at IBM Canada, leading Innovation Technology Solutions, and his CTO role Medical Confidence, have shaped his expertise in pioneering technology advancements, particularly in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), including wearable technology for early detection and diagnostics.

At sanoLiving, Bogdan skillfully integrates these technologies into sanoMidLife, creating a responsive, cutting-edge platform for midlife women’s health. His approach goes beyond technical innovation; it’s about leveraging technology to improve the human condition and empower individuals with better health management tools. While steering sanoLiving towards a future-focused vision, Bogdan places people at the forefront of healthcare innovation. His dedication to rapidly adopting and integrating advanced technologies secures sanoLiving’s position as a leader in the healthcare sector, reinforcing his reputation as an innovator and setting new standards in patient-centric care.

Manny, the Artificial Intelligence Engineer at sanoLiving, carries over 25 years of technology consulting and solution architecture expertise, significantly developed during his tenure at IBM. His extensive experience as an enterprise architect and software engineer is fundamental in crafting sanoLiving’s smart virtual assistant. This tool is designed to transform the healthcare experience for midlife women and assist the clinician team, seamlessly integrating with the company’s EMR and CRM systems.

During his time at IBM, Manny led numerous projects in cutting-edge technology, focusing on advanced automation, including artificial intelligence. This background is invaluable in his current role at sanoLiving, where he spearheads the integration of sophisticated AI solutions into healthcare services. Manny’s skill ensures that the virtual assistant is not just technologically advanced but also accessible and customized for the unique needs of sanoLiving’s patients and clinicians.

Manny’s dedication to innovation and his track record of success, are in perfect alignment with sanoLiving’s mission. His pivotal role in utilizing AI to revolutionize healthcare reinforces the confidence of clients and investors in sanoLiving’s commitment to delivering exceptional and innovative care in women’s healthcare.

Lara, the Vice President of Operations of sanoLiving, combines over 30 years of healthcare operational leadership with financial expertise. With her experience at CBI Health Group, Medical Confidence, and CloudMD, Lara has adeptly managed large-scale operations and teams, including over 60 clinicians. Her financial background is key to optimizing sanoLiving’s operations, aligning exceptional service delivery with fiscal goals.

Her personal journey through menopause and experiences within the Canadian healthcare system, fuel her commitment to sanoLiving’s mission. Lara’s operational strategies not only enhance service quality, but also embody the company’s vision of empowering women in midlife with comprehensive, multi-disciplinary healthcare.

Lara’s unique mix of operational acumen and financial insight, coupled with her dedication to healthcare innovation, marks her as a vital leader at sanoLiving. Her role is crucial in advancing the company’s commitment to providing transformative healthcare for women, enabling them to thrive during midlife and beyond.

Michelle, the Marketing Director of sanoLiving, plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s brand and outreach. With a combined decade of experience nurturing startups at Western University and supporting healthcare communications at the London Health Science Centre, Michelle brings unparalleled expertise to our dynamic team. Her innovative and data-driven marketing strategies, paired with her commitment to staying ahead in the evolving digital landscape, ensure sanoLiving’s holds a solid market presence.

Her profound understanding of both B2B and B2C sectors, cultivated through her startup-centric roles, is pivotal for effectively communicating sanoLiving’s groundbreaking healthcare solutions. Rooted in personal experiences navigating a disjointed healthcare system, Michelle’s dedication to our mission of transforming women’s healthcare is unwavering.

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